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Eddy Allen Live at the Alibi

Eddy Allen World Tour

About Eddy Allen

Eddy Allen - (UK)
Adventurer and Multi-instrumentalist Eddy Allen is on his world tour.
Unlike other artists that plan way ahead of time, Eddy is going with the flow, around the world.
The past year Eddy has toured in Europe including Czech Republic, Romania, Ukrainian, Greece, Germany, Azerbaijan and Georgia. The past six months, Eddy was touring Central America, Mexico and Costa Rica and is currently touring North America performing in Canada and the USA.
Along his journey of sound, Eddy collaborates with local musicians sharing his knowledge at the same time learning and absorbing the influences of other cultures.
This forms into his international collective/band CCTV Allstars.
Playing a style of music that can only come from a man that has immersed himself into different scenes and cultures.
Composing his songs for years and playing with musicians from all around the world has given Eddy the musical edge and experience that evolved into his unique style.
At his solo shows he loops the nylon stringed guitar, vocals and drums with a “boss RC 30 loop pedal’’ Creating a modern antidote to the one man band.
Eddy Allen will perform songs that he has composed along his travels, also will perform singalong songs from the countries he has been to, putting his own twist to them.
This take the listener on a trip around the world of music and culture.
His mesmerizing yet honest stage presence has audiences captivated.


The message in the music is not always clear
But can be felt in an abstract way
It’s one of positivity and the freedom
To do what one wants
To have a mission, a purpose in this life
To rise up out of the chains of any slavery whether mental or external
Its a direct source of love and enjoyment
Without saying a word
Describes the very essence of existence
Its healing power
An elixir
Without side effects
Brewed from the very heart of humanity
Upon understanding its richness
One will notice ones truth and
And want to spread this knowledge to help others
"Eddy Allen"

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