K97 fm 10 days of beer

K97 FM Presents the 10 Days of Beer over the next two weeks. Each weekday we will launch a 10oz pint of a hand picked craft beer off our lines for only $5. Keep checking back to see what will be on special.

Upcoming Selections:

beaus haters gonna hate.jpg

february 22

Big Rock - Citradellic

Origin - Calgary, Alberta

Type - American IPA

Alcohol Content - 6%

troubled monk pesky pig.png

february 23

Goat Locker - Session Ale

Origin - Calgary, Alberta

Type - American Pale Ale 

Alcohol Content - 4.5%

parallell 49 filthy dirty.png

february 24

Resignation Brewery + Redhook Brewery - KCCO Black Lager

Origin - Texas + New Hampshire

Type - Dark Lager

Alcohol Content - 5.1%